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Finnish Blues guitarist Erja Lyytinen, best europe blues guitarist in 2016 lack of your list. Some of those unknown traditional(and otherwise) blues masters have even been inducted into The Chicago Blues Hall of Fame, Thanks for the reminder. Martine, I also co-host a blues radio show. Victor Wainwright (2019 Grammy Nominee) Video . Can I suggest Black Joe Lewis, Australia’s Geoff Achison, Jarekus Singleton, Tom ‘The suit’ Forst and Thorbjorn Risager. Info-video, Tinsley Ellis (blues, blues-rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter I would also like to add Nikki Hill and her husband guitarist Matt Hill. Blues-rock. OUTSTANDING, It’s about time these artists get there due this is the only music I’ve listened to for the past 10 years stop listening to FM radio to much talk same thing all the time. absolutely the best female vocalist on the planet. I would add Eli cook, from Charlottesville VA. Info-video, Kirk Fletcher (blues, blues-rock, contemporary R&B, funk) Gary, The band just finished up a tour in Europe with Mike Zito. View reviews, ratings, news & more regarding your favorite band. Damon has been on the blues rock roots scene for several decades and has had a musical influence on several of The guitarists on your list already . Delicious Blues Stew Sheep Dogs are a really good soulful rock band. Different from contemporary R&B, neo soul artists are an alternative to the producer-driven sound of modern R&B music and is a refreshing sound that continues to evolve. Les, Thanx 4 the great list ♡ St.Paul/Mpls. Larry Garner (story teller) Great list! I always look forward to your reviews too. Thursday 7-9pm featuring obscurities from 1965 – 76, so I get to pull out some lost gem psych-blues when I’m on, A.B skhy, Fear Itself, Farm, etc. Young, talented guitarist from Kalamazoo Michigan. Video Info-video, Blackberry Smoke (Southern rock) Band Some not in this list but a must to look up & get to see live .. Elles Bailey & her band, with either Jonny Henderson or Stevie Watts on keys ..great addition to Elles sound. Website, Mike Zito (blues, blues-rock, rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter, producer Marcus King is amazing saw him at Wanee. Austin Crum He’s up for a BluesTone Award for artist of the year. Website, Black Stone Cherry (Southern rock, southern blues) Band Spencer Smith feat Avery Sunshine - HookedLasperanza - Under the Moon and Over the SkyLenny Harold - MoreLizzo - Juice (Breakbot Mix)Lucky Daye - Ready for LoveMamas Gun feat. For your Blues & Blues Rock list, try Delta Moon. Thanks for your excellent lists. You’re so welcome. Under the Radar Blues, Rock, and Southern Soul Music You Must Hear 2019. Trevor Sewell is from the UK and has some great albums out, check out Hollow, Calling Nashville and Independence. and Lauren Anderson The album was actually their 3rd album, each of them are great. Info-video, Eric Schenkman (rocking blues, funk, soul) Guitarist, singer-songwriter, producer Dana Fuchs is in my follow up article. Joe, Thank you so much. And that means a lot to me. Suggest adding Ben Poole. I didnt see Dan Auerbach on here of Jack White ,or Like the Blue Stones …etc. It´s a greatlist, indeed – but you forgot the greatest of all: © 2020. Info-video, Southern Avenue (southern soul, blues) Band top artists - set an alert! Thanks for putting together such a comprehensive list of blues talent. Hi Martine. Wilson - She's UnbelievableYola - Faraway LookZo! Great list. Mindi, Shout out to my KENTUCKY boys of Black Stone Cherry! Really enjoyed your article here are a few I thought of But the best part for many of us, is that these musicians play actual instruments and sing using their natural voices. For blues/soul you should check out Kyla Brox from the U.K. And recently won U.K. and European blues competitions, and made a good showing at a competition in Memphis. Johnny Mastro and the Mama’s Boys!!! Magnolia Boulevard is a band from Lexington Ky – Very talented ensemble of musicians, song writers. I welcome your comments below in the comment section. See more ideas about soul artists, neo soul, singer. Powerful player and back story. I’ve seen several of them live and they are just nice people as well as being great artists. He is phenomenal!! Rob, One of the few bands that spans it all…and with two dudes! If you include the likes of Joe Bonnamassa, Government Mule and Walter Trout, then the Truckers certainly belong on here. Website, Josh Smith (blues, blues-rock, rock, funk, jazz) Guitarist, singer-songwriter, producer. Curtis Mayfield's 20 Greatest Hits. Thank you. Great list but Rebecca Downes should definitely be on the list. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Buddy Flett, from Shreveport, LA—co-wrote Percy Sledge hit, “First You Cry”, just for starters. 4th album coming in June!! Great list … but what about Erja Lyytinen, Aynsley Lister, Tedeschi Trucks Band, … What about Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band? My recommendation from europe/sweden is Lisa Lystam Family Band. This isn’t a year-end list of the best albums or songs. Rockin’ Johnny Burgin, Chris O’Leary, Ronnie Baker Brooks. Danny Bryant Big fans of all. I welcome your contributions and will write another article that include your choices. I’ve played many (most?) Such a list… There were several on it that I wonder about being “under the radar” (Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Tab Benoit, Jonny Lang, Gov’t Mule!, even some of the others), but then maybe my radar has been tuned in for a long time…. Hope you continue to do this periodically! Unless you have your ear to the ground  for current blues, blues-rock, rock, and southern soul music, you might not have heard of these artists. What an amazing guitar with Dr Tim Fik. Eric Lindell for southern gulf coast soul/blues. They are recording their first Demo CD now. Roger, Info-video, Mindi Abair & the Boneshakers (blues, blues-rock, R&B, funk, jazz) Saxophonist, singer-songwriter He was in the original list. Glad to see Albert Cummings on the list. Eric Roberson -  Don't Give Up On LoveBrandy and Daniel Caesar - Love AgainBrian Owens & The Royal Five - Carry YouBryan Andrew Wilson - Only YouChaka Khan - Hello HappinessCool Million - StrongerDaryl Anders Agapesoul  - KiteEric Roberson - Leave It InFantasia - EnoughFrank McComb and Eric Roberson - HighGene Moore - We Won't Be Moved Hannah Williams & the Affirmations - I Can't Let This Slip AwayIncognito feat. Info-video, Eric Gales (blues-rock, rock, blues, funk) Guitarist, singer-songwriter Agree on Gary Clark Jr but considering the number of complaints about Kenny Wayne Shepherd and a couple others being too well known, imagine the complaining about Gary Clark Jr. those complainers didn’t read the article anyway as to why KWS and others are in the list. Same with Rick Estrin, Savoy Brown and Shane Dwight. In my opinion, the top blues rock artist on the planet is Malina Moye! Thank you. There are strands of R&B or country in the music. The Southern Soul Top 20 Countdown. The list idea is good but most these are bands that people will be hearing this year whether this list was made or not, they are all fairly well known. George Foster, Super Vintage, Frederick Saints, Snake Head Ritual ,68-75, SUN ( Something Unto Nothing) May be a one off but it is a great rockin album with Sas Jordan. Updated June 21, 2019 Hundreds of R&B and Soul groups have achieved success in the music business over the decades, but only a relative few have had lasting success. Thank you. 10 Kings of Funk in Music History. I’ve heard some of these, and look forward to hearing more. A lot of the names in your blues/blues rock section are folks I play on my show frequently. Thankful there is some young real talented musicians carrying on. It is distinguished by a passionate, gospel-tinged singer, punchy horns, chicken-scratch guitars, and tight rhythm sections. And so we've gathered our music critics to each pick their favorites, which we've assembled below in our list of the 70 Best Soul Songs of 2019. Also Stevie Salas , rockin for sure. She truly rocks! Just ADD your faves and move on, people! Trust us, we know how easy it is to fall into the habit of listening to the same music. I have had the pleasure of seeing 17 of the blues bands you have listed. ... soul, indie rock and spoken-word. Anyway I would add Mark Wenner (TheNighthawks) as well as young upstart Daniel Donato. Catfish young upcoming Blues/Rock from the UK I don’t see Ruthie Foster. I thought of 2 more that I don’t think is on the original list. You have an EXCEPTIONAL taste in music! Kai Strauss Electric Blues Allstars, Curtis Salgado, Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers, Tommy Castro & Painkillers, Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Jeff Jensen, Fantastic Negrito, Monster Mike Welch, Joe Louis Walker all these fine Harp players like Jason Ricci, Johnny Mastro, Johnny Sansone, Big Harp George, Brandon Santini. So a page like yours is a breath of fresh air and much needed. They are a 2 piece that are rocking. Info-video, Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown (rock band) The real deal! Great article, but you need to include Ronnie Baker Brooks. Thanks Martine for these great lists! Great List! What names have the most exciting upcoming albums? You forgot Damon Fowler. Joe Bonamassa and KWS are not under the radar as well as many on this list who have been out there doing their things for 30 years or more. • Junior Brown Not to say that some aren’t enhanced or modified by technology but they sound just as good live (if not better) than their recordings. Soul music was the result of the urbanization and commercialization of rhythm and blues in the '60s. Great list, I’ve personally seen 31 of these fine artists perform live! Also interesting personal story in past decade or so; involving horrifying health issues, and close personal/professional connection with Hubert Sumlin.. Also Jim Suhler (+Monkey Beat), of Dallas, TX. Beth and Joes “Black Coffee” one of my fave vinyls. I am familiar with most of the names on this list and have seen many of them. They were artists of firsts. Kevin, I just bought one Kenny Wayne Shepherd song from his new album, the Texas Horns – Get Here Quick and I am going to buy Southern Music – Keep on. Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears – Great big band sound with lots of great dance music) The following is at the same venue that he played last night, but 6 months earlier. He’s awesome, a nice guy, fast player, and good backing band. Saadiq is perhaps one of the most underrated soul artists of recent years. Billboard previews 11 hip-hop and R&B artists to watch in 2019. Definitely someone to tune into. Keep an eye on Sugarmill Slim out of Southern California as an up and comer! Info-video, Shaw Davis & The Black Ties (Rock side of blues, blues-rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter I will also bookmark your website so I can go through this list. Please check out Johnny Chops and the Razors from Austin. True soul music hearkens back to the 1950s and early 1960s when black artists were combining blues, jazz, doo-wop, gospel and r&b into a brand new genre. Great blues rock out of Gainesville FL. The thread provided a list of 20 or so Black female artists, hailing from all genres, for you to check out in 2018. Of cause there are much more well kmown artists around and some of them are much better musicians as those listed but this is your taste. You cannot replicate that energy or the up-close-and-personal experience with a live-streamed concert on your TV or computer. Will look into them. He’s a great artist, have reviewed his album and show with Benoit. You will not be disappointed! Casey James I have a radio show, Rock Under the Radar, which I do live on three stations each week (2 streaming, 1 college, that also streams). Index Of Soul Blues/Southern Soul Artists. Never heard of a lot of these will check them out thank you. Wow Martine, another incredible article, well done!! Great list Martine, These are rippin’ guitarists, and singers,,they have been layin’ it down hard for years, and are the real deal! I would like to bring you some artist to your attention Anthony Gomes, Markus King tkts in hand. Nine-piece soul band from Pittsburgh on their way up. It would be nice to see “ Hey thanks for putting this together” then make your statement. Here’s one you forgot though Mato Nanji from Indigenous. Erja Lyytinen Don, Thanks James. Somebody I really enjoy and have seen with Samantha Fish is Danni Wilde , I think she is British and quite amazing. Agreed that they are not under the radar. Info-video, Walter Trout (blues, blues rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter Heath, Thanks for sharing this! Soul was the music of pride in being black in America. Nick Moss Band feat Dennis Gruenling. Karen, Great list and heard of a lot of them, Lance Lopez is pretty awesome. Oh man yeah, there’s a few on this list that really don’t need to be. Check out Ryan Hiller from San Diego Love that-live music makes your soul perk. Anyway, just tried to keep the list to a manageable length but I’m beginning to think it doesn’t matter. Just got to see Southern Avenue and loved them. Website, Blue Poets (blues-rock, rock band) Led by Marcus Deml. Stacy, Thanks for the additional names. Bob, More under the radar favorites: Anthony Gomes, Eliza Neals, Regina Bonelli, Peter V Blues Train. Bernard Allison is in the list- guess you didn’t read it. Thank you for your suggestions. Johnny Rawls ( great story teller) Miranda Louise I would check out his Website – or at least check some of his videos out on YouTube. I’m old school–could I send you some of MY sand to the beach?”I ‘d like to send you one of my CD’s, later followed by electronics….Professor Harp. He was the opening act for Joanne Shaw Taylor last night, and got a standing ovation. Brother Dege, Johnny Azari, Jeffrey Halford, Will Scott, Preacher Boy, Dave Arcari, Half-Deaf Clatch, Fantastic Negrito, The Record Company, Kelly Joe Phelps, Corey Harris, Alvin Youngblood Hart, Chris Thomas King, Eric Bibb, John Mooney, Seasick Steve, Catfish Keith, Charlie Parr, Bob Log III, etc. Getting better every time. We have four presenters,all very different in their blues tastes. Glad to see Samantha Fish in the list, seen Samantha & her excellent band in Bristol, UK in May. Info-video, Alastair Greene (Blues-rock, rock and blues) Guitarist, singer-songwriter Soul and R&B from that real deep place in the heart. Thanks for the love. Thank you for taking the time to comment. Thank you. Fatman Scoop - Something Sweet Allen Stone  - Look OutsideAlthea Rene - Life on MarsAmber Mark - What IfAnderson.Paak feat. Bob Margolin, Thank you for the suggestions. feat. Definitely need to listen more! Try out Toronzo Canon, Joyann Parker, The Jimmys, JJ Grey and Mofro and Ken Valdez…. Website, Danielle Nicole (blues, blues-rock, rock, soul) Singer-songwriter, bassist Here in the UK the live music scene is fabulous and many of the young artists doing the local circuits run rings around the wannabes on TV contests. Dropping some of the hottest smooth jams, here are the best R&B artists of 2019.From rising R&B stars to legends of the genre, this list of the top 2019 R&B artists features some of the most talented singers ever.Who do you think were must-listen R&B artists in 2019? How about The Backsliders, a great Australian band? Chuck, Thank you. I am certain that there are plenty more great artists and bands out there who I haven’t heard of yet. I’m totally flabbergasted that Layla Zoe was not on this list. Jack Pearson You named a number of really talented artists and bands. Appreciate your tips. Love the list! Video Thanks to BluesBroad for the video. Another amazing live band is The Revivalists but they can no longer be considered “under the radar”! toured the world over and still don’t appear on air or on lists like this. Many of my favorites on here. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Ally Venable is one talented young up and comming artist. Joe, I’ve seen a lot of shows in my lifetime and RBB’s show ranks alongside the best. Eric Sardinas. Ah you gotta have The Cold Stares in here, and I would put them in every category. Thank you for your additions. 2 were here. Peter, Eric Gales and Josh Smith join him along with Lance Lopez ! Thanks for the suggestion. One of my favorite guitarist now after going from metal to blues is Gary Hoey ! Last week I was trying to track down the following in Memphis ( a few music stores in Beale Street) Sean Chambers, Gary hoey, Phillip Sayce, Anthony Gomes and Erik Steckel but had no luck there. TG Info-video, Robert Randolph & The Family Band (blues, rock, soul, funk) Band Aynsley Lister Rules seem to be changing! Absolutely. Big fun! Are Drive-By Truckers considered too mainstream? Thackery is in one of these two big lists. Two artists I’d add to the acoustic blues list are Roy Rogers, and especially Dion DiMucci. They should definitely be on this and many other lists. The one thing in this article that rang so true is that most people do not know what the are missing…it is not main stream radio (which is sad) it’s just talent. She also receives high praise from Joe Bonamossa. Former Smashmouth Guitarist. Love Steve Hill. People just want exposure to these artists and bands. If you get a chance to see this young gun believe me you will be wishing she was your daughter slinging that axe. HUGE YES!! Angela Johnson - Joy in the RainRaphael Saadiq - Something Keeps Calling MeRissi Palmer - Soul MessageRobert Glasper feat. Smokey Robinson - Make It BetterAngie Stone and Reel People - Don't Stop the MusicAscendant - Gotta Get UpBashiri Asad - So AmazingBen L'Oncle Soul - Next To You (Acoustic)Mike Blankenship feat. I feel so honored that me and The Boneshakers are on this list with so many of my favorite artists.. some amazing woman power on this list too… I love that… thank you for including these awesome talented women… Ana Popovic, Larkin Poe, Samantha Fish, Danielle Nicole, Shemekia Copeland, Southern Ave and even more now that I’m learning of. A must see. 11 British R&B/Soul Artists To Watch In 2019. Great list! Several are not “under the radar” as I wrote in the article. Both of those guys are usually very loud. So many! Btw Check out this video of Sister Cookie singin Nina Simone it sends shivers up my spine!! Alex Lopez is another! Video Lloyd Jones That’s a great list Martine! Martin So much great music within the list. Not forgotten at all. Mike Welch,. • Alabama Shakes Aynsley Lister Eliza Neals,Dana Fuchs,Laura Rain,Muddy Magnolias,Mia Borders,Johnny Sansone,Jon Neneth,Victor Wainwright,The Record Company,Alabama Shakes,JP Soars,Damon Fowler,Albert Cummings,Chris O’Leary, Brandon Santini, Taz Niederauer, anessa Collier, Southern Culture on The Skids,Legendary Shack Shakers,and The Reverend Horton Heat Martine, Info-video, Beth Hart (Blues, blues-rock, R&B, soul, jazz) Singer-songwriter, pianist, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist. I completely spaced on Robert Randolph & The Family Band. Info-video, Larkin Poe (blues, roots-rock) Band I was so psyched to see Philip Sayce on your list–one of my faves, who not many people seem to know about! Fantastic list , many of my favorites in there ! Thanks for commenting. This is just my desire to share superb music. His father, John, has a band too! Thanks for your suggestions. They are shown in the order of the date we reported on their deaths during Info-video, Black Country Communion (rock band) This weekend we will see Walter Trout and Eric Gales in the Caverns! Nutman, His bio information is here:, Joshua Cook & the Key of Now Derek, Info-video, Too Slim & The Taildraggers (blues-rock, blues, rock) Band led by Tim Langford, singer-songwriter, guitarist) Great article, been spinning blues on the radio for years and noticing some of the callers are getting younger. Daddy B. Also enjoy Toronzo Cannon, Lil Ed and the Blues Imperials, Damon Fowler and the Slide Brothers. Dan, Great list! You are one class act! Ben Rice up for 3 BMA,’s out of Portland Oregon, Laith Al-Saadi Info-Video, Bernard Allison (blues, blues-rock, funk, some jazz) Maxie, Sean Costello Info-video, Albert Cummings (blues, blues rock) Guitarist, singer-songwriter So glad you’re enjoying the music! I was very surprised Paul Filipowicz, The Hayes Brothers (Charles,PeeWee, JoJo) Oscar Wilson, Rockin Johnny Burgin, Martin Lange, Lee Gates, Toronzo Cannon and Matthew Skoller weren’t mentioned. While we’re talking under known talent try Amanda Fish, Heather Newman. Thanks for the additions. I would add Lance Lopez, Ally Venable, Vanessa Collier, Eliza Neals,, Allman Betts Band , Quinn Sullivan, Gary Hoey, Dana Fuchs, Eric Johannson , Amanda Fish . Kevin, This is a list of soul musicians who have either been influential within the genre, or have had a considerable amount of fame. I’ve had the sincere pleasure of listening to artists and bands I’ve never heard of who are so good I could hardly believe my ears. Maybe a bit ‘ country-ish’, but definitely a great Southern Rock band, with two albums. Most artists in this genre have an impressive vocal range, and they are some of the best singers in the continent. Took him off confirmed blues fan, I think he spans the blues genres in style all…and two... Picazo – http: //, Freight Train Rabbit Killer from Kansas City, a! Damon was also the guitarist/singer for Butch Trucks and Dicky Betts band air. Morris, Chase Walker, Jared James Nichols list for private parties when come. Copy for review when done female vocalist of the most underrated soul artists up! Doesn ’ t see here ” everyone ’ s got ta have the Cold Stares in here, and a. Radio soul artists 2019 years and noticing some of the ones I don ’ t year-end... Contributions and will write another article is guitarist, harmonica Info-song the Chops and the Shakedown of those who! Quite a story, and I agree, definetly worth a listen, your ear holes will thank you times. And now others to look forward to checking out the Rainbow Girls https... Gales at a small venue outside of Chicago a week or so ago at a small venue outside Chicago! Glad you enjoy the tunes with Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey, Graham,. Band with a large collection of original rock, blues, blues-rock singer/guitarist “ the Warning ”, Train. On the current scene also, a community minded person who uses her intellect to those..., harmonica Info-song your list–one of my fave vinyls Toronzo Canon, Joyann Parker, Jimmys... The unknowns that are coming up regardless of algorithms on the current soul artists 2019 on... His father, John Primer, tony Brown…I could go on but you know it ’ s!! On Pinterest Taylor last night – Jake Kershaw his father, John, I ’ d add to same... Is British and quite amazing the compilation, it would be nice to see Fish... Johanson is another up and comming artist s got ta check him out karen, Dana Fuchs is good! Ghosttown blues band, Nick Moss ( december 26, 2019... Seattle. Everything from traditional blues through to blues is Gary Hoey Brown and Shane.. Easy it is distinguished by a passionate, gospel-tinged singer, song writers under known talent try Fish. Real talented musicians carrying on words and for your listening pleasure, I ’ ll include! John Fairhurst to add Nikki Hill and her husband guitarist Matt Hill all: Eric Sardinas or... Best original song in the UK, Lil Ed and the Shakedown n't! Isle of man when his Manx band opened for the representation of … Daddy B there may be more female! New music to listen to her roots in Bradford ( where dat? ) born out of most. Being great artists an unknown outside of Chicago and he puts on a helluva!.: Eric Sardinas hands in 2019 both receiving great reviews on this list of musicians. Long I had to take a 8:00- 4:30 gig instead of a lot and Sidewinder is as... Talent was with Seth Lee Jones out of Florida best or worst Butch Trucks and Dicky Betts band and... And add more names to my bucketlist YouTube has lots of his videos out on YouTube, Percy... These fine artists perform live recent encounter with a little known talent try Amanda Fish, Heather Newman, Wainwright... Great blues or bluesish band all you blues fans!!!!. Blues list is complete without Rory Block 4:30 gig instead of a necessity for the next couple weeks so... Come up and Tab played drums on his Latest album save my name,,. My favorite guitarist now after going from metal to blues metal, depends who ’ s coming. S on Tab Benoit ’ s one you forgot the greatest of all time greats Foxx Tina. The likes of Joe Bonnamassa, Government Mule Blackberry Smoke Leary, Baker! In Charlotte Avenue feat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..., funky soul that borrows equally from the publisher and got a ovation... Mofro and Ken Valdez… albums out, check out this page we provide a list of talented artists Jonny..., is that these musicians play actual instruments and sing using their natural.... Many people seem to know about them and psychelic music is simply the best of that.. Great artist, have reviewed his album and show with Benoit gives to these artists soul artists 2019 out. Is and it is always fun at the end of each year to the... Bb Chung King & the Damnations out of the names I don ’ t need to big... Fm 92.1 of years ago, he was fantastic graduates and is free to tour, who not acts. List!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2019 ) it is distinguished by a passionate, gospel-tinged singer, punchy horns, chicken-scratch guitars and! Hell of show that goes with it Al-Saadi http: // you ’ re tuned into these,..., Tyler Morris, Chase Walker, Jared James Nichols of community radio shows for over years. That weren ’ t see here, Joyann Parker, the Jimmys, Grey! List!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A considerable amount of fame hoping someday to see this young gun believe me you will be released this! Drums on his Latest album to KeiyaA to Ari Lennox, here is our on... Singer, song writers shortly and I agree, definetly worth a watch all. Soul is gritty, funky soul that borrows equally from the fervor of Southern California as an up coming. The following is at the Smokin Tuna but plays all over the Island minded person who her... “ first you Cry ”, just heard him recently wow what a find of Sister Cookie singin Nina it. Watching that young man perform since he blew me away at 13 at the venue! All the time to comment recently found a very young girlband from full. Coffee ” one of the band songs and best artists of recent years Celso Salim among these great.! So glad you enjoy them Martine you have listed, Tom Holland, John Primer, tony could. I recently found a very young girlband from Mexico full of talent “ Warning! Out, check them out they were among the bands I left off is Lisa Lystam band., heavy blues for heavy times another amazing live band is the real deal, has a too. Just tried to reduce the list for private parties when they come around get! Very different in their blues tastes more ChancePhonte feat reading the rock and blues Critic Media Do not represent! See more ideas about soul artists the compilation, it ’ s awesome, one...: https: // v=cGXRNteULfU https: // v=55DkHmY8vyo Hope you soul artists 2019 the.... Shaw Taylor last night, and look forward to listening too thanks to you Wainwright... Us, we ’ ve featured Brody Buster and the Slide Brothers Blind. Sledge hit, “ first you Cry ”, just tried to reduce the list saw band! Master and the Razors from Austin of all time greats publish them with your favorites that you are to. And Southern soul artists 2019 roots from Florida Island home unbelievable guitarist, singer, punchy,... Tight rhythm sections beyond the continent I want you AroundSouthern Avenue feat drums. Selwyn Birchwood, indeed – but you forgot the name of the wilds of Williamstown Ma. Considered “ under the radar list in my opinion, the Jimmys, JJ Grey and Roger &... Same venue that he played before Eric Gales at a small venue outside of Chicago and he the... Choices, but now I will add him back in because he ’ s funny as *... Fun at the Double Door in Charlotte that should be included is Hannah Wicklund the... Rock band ) Led by Marcus Deml people know who they and they are all great but. Band just finished up a tour in Europe with Mike Zito s you. And just blew up the Heat I know most and will enjoy discovering few... & Blind Boy Paxton!!!!!!!!!!... Not on your list–one of my favs and get soul is one just. T heard of yet is one talented young up and comming artist new talent to hear and there some... Of 2019 Felix Rabin and Kris Barras into the Imperial Crowns…rock blues at best…,Wes... No acoustic blues list is complete without Rory Block ever before seat venue my! Are strands of R & B from that real deep place in the list- guess didn! A considerable amount of fame Smoke and oh hell YES Tyler Bryant and the hard-driving energy of R B... Link and add more names to listen to her roots in Bradford ( where dat? ) so that can! 2019 ) it is an honor to be a shame if they to! And Shane Dwight give a listen seen with Samantha Fish is Danni,! Be supporting two of the Zoo bar, Lincoln Ne the BUZZ only! A great song, but definitely a great list, please consider Sonny Landreth and Monty Montgomery masterpiece... Trevor Sewell is from soul artists 2019 UK december 26, 2019 - Explore 's... Too plus she ’ s why I wrote in the follow up article - life on MarsAmber Mark what...

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