Royalty Thanking Me for My Creation

Swedish Prince Carl Philip and his wife princess Sofia showing their appreciation for my creations.

My hats are spreading world wide, and are worn by women in 18 different countries and now even members of Royal Swedish Family are wearing my hats and thanking me for my creations. What an honor.

Royal Family wearing my hats


Fashion week in Moscow 2016


Alexander Vasilyev is a famous Russian and French fashion historian, collector, theatrical artist, author of the popular books and articles, lecturer, television anchorman, the honorable member of Russian Academy of Arts, the head of Russian Fashion Academy and the founder of the international interior award “Lilies of Alexander Vasilyev

Alexander Vasilyev

Legendary Fashion Couture Designer Valentin Judashkin

Valentin JudashkinDima Bilan – the winner of Eurovision 2008 . Talented Charismatic Musician

Dima Bilan


10983329_10154023560949710_1470294749024591977_n Fashion week Moscow

Alexandre Vassiliev

Alexandre Vassiliev an International fashion historian who collects clothes & accessories added one more beautiful creation to his collection namely one of mine Small felt hats with Beads, Flowers and Feathers.

Celebrity’s wearing my Hats

In the pictures below you will find famous russian pop star Eva Polina wearing my hat during one of her concerts and the winner of Eurovision 2013 Dina Garipova and me at an event in Moscow air max sale.

Spring Ball 15th of March 2014 – House of Nobility in Stockholm

This was my first ball that I have ever arranged personally from scratch and the feedback was amazing! Some even said, the ball was at the same level as the balls in Venice. As decoration I used some of my hats.

Eleonora Zoller Hat Desiger







Next year we are going to have an international ball, where people from all over the world will fly in just to attend. Its going to be flashy and a great party for sophisticated people!

Eleonora Zoller Hat Desiger

In this picture, you will notice my friend Roger Lundgren who is a renowned author and an expert on the Royalty in Sweden as well as Igor Kovalev a prominent music promoter in Russia.

Eleonora Zoller Hat Desiger

Let me know in the comments below what you think about my outfit that I wore at the ball 🙂

Eleonora Zoller Hat Desiger

Eleonora Zoller Winner of Most Beautiful Hats Competition 2013

I just participated at an event where they were holding a competition for the most beautiful hat 2013. It was very exciting for me since I was nominated as the Winner out of 200 competitors! 🙂

Take a look at the winner hat ! 🙂 I made this hat, about 2-3 hours before the competition and now you can order it. Let me know in the comments below if you like this hat.

Eleonora Zoller Hat Designer

eleonora Zoller wins hat competition for Best Hat

eleonora Zoller wins hat competition for Best Hat