Eleonora is born and raised in Russia, she received her Arts Education in Moscow & Stockholm. She is an Artist and a Hat-Designer. Her career begun as a private interior designer with her first work in New York City where she lived for five years. Eleonora has been drawing and painting almost all her life, she has participated in several juried, compilation and separate exhibitions. In her art, you meet lots of color, Female forms, and Sophistication. Her paintings are in private collections all over the world.
In 2012 Eleonora transitioned into fashion design – particularly Hat design for women where she saw immediate success executing a perfect Hat-vernissage at Grand Hotel in Stockholm on January 2012 grabbing the title as “Stockholm’s New Hat-Queen” All EZ-Hats are Unique, Handmade and there is only one or at the most two of each Hat in her portfolio, making them very exclusive. Eleonora Zoller is quickly becoming a renowned Hat-Designer.
Her Creations are as popular with Aristocrats as with Celebrities and Swedish Royalty. You can find her exclusive store “9 Creations by Eleonora Zoller” in Old Town, Stockholm, just a few meters from the Royal Palace.

“Art like everything else is all about Emotions, Experiences, and Impressions. As an Artist, I mirror your inner world, through my Art.

Every piece of art finds its Admirer on an Emotional level first since it is the one who can match their Emotions, Experiences, Thoughts and Impressions of Life to what the painting is convening that will, in the end, get the truth and the meaning of the painting.
All my art, headpieces and paintings are about Women, her Beauty, Sensuality. The goal is to help Women express their Femininity and Charisma”